arts and creativity : pictures, fire painting, tangling
foot reflexology
go fishing / smoked fish
foreign languages : relaxed and easily learn Spanish and English under the Southern sun.

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Handmade jewellery and souvenirs made with natural materials such as:
leather, feathers, bones, wood, stone and paper.

Lessons in fire painting, tangling, jewellery and souvenirs by appointment :

Private lessons only available upon prior arrangement (10 €).

If you feel like being creative on your terrace, I will be happy to provide you with the necessary materials and tools. Of course in the end of your stay you may take your finished work home. But if you‘d like you can also choose a suitable place to „immortalize yourself" and further enhance the beauty of the entire area .

Are you interested in acquiring any of my art? These are just samples, but I‘d like to cater to your preferences. The price will depend on what is requested.


Walter’s bow workshop as well as Mona‘s terrace offer the possibility of creative design in the following areas:

fire painting (see photos)

Tangling (beautiful painted fantasy pictures, bookmarks, little lampshades and more), see photos.   

1 Mona beim Tanglen

My preferred way to provide relaxation or pain relief is through the reflex zones of the feet. This type of treatment will not only activate the body’s own healing powers, but it also has a positive effect on certain parts of the body and the organs, focussing on the muscle‘s fascia and also on the whole human body.
In order to do the best possible job, I recommend we have a talk about it first (free of charge).
By combining careful exploration of the area between foot and knee and concentration on the problem zone, relaxation and relief may ensue. Mutual trust promotes success.
After this treatment I would advise a period of rest.

Only by appointment

60 min. - 28 €, access extra.


Foot reflexology by Walter

If you need any tips in general, supply of lures and baits or maybe help with required licences I am happy to help you.
There are two types of license:

In case you’d like me to get you one of these or both licences, I would need a copy of your passport or ID card (by email) at least one month before your stay here.

Tight lines!

Go fishing / smoked fish

Hi fishing fans,
if you‘d like to do some fishing at the mountain reservoirs or at the Atlantic Ocean (from the shore) you can rent the neccessary equipment directly from me.
At the reservoirs the main attraction is carp fishing. If your main focus is fishing some big ones you will want to go to „Presa de Chira“ but I personally prefer „Presa de las Niñas“ because of its lovely landscape.

You can also go fishing at the Atlantic Ocean (from the shore), its variety in sea life is tremendous.

5 Walter mit Rochen
4 Walter mit Angel und Karpfen

Here is an excerpt out of an email sent by Janna, shortly after she had graduated from high school: (it is a translation because Janna wrote to me in German) :
“... The test went very well – except for only a few questions I was able to carry out my presentation fluently. The teachers were probably quite impressed, because I was awarded 14 points (one point shy of the highest possible score) for my performance. This way I was able to greatly improve my overall score. It could hardly have gone better for me, so in the end it was only half as bad ...
Once again a big thanks to you, because without your help last fall my Spanish grades would not have been half as good. Since then I had new motivation to learn my vocabulary every day, which also became evident during classes, and it is also why I was able to vastly improve my Spanish scores.
Our lessons were a great pleasure to me, too ...”

prices / location:

Foreign languages
Would you like to add a bit of linguistic education to your holiday?

Perhaps you might discover a hidden talent you didn’t even know was there. Without any distractions you can feel relaxed and easily learn in this fantastic calm setting under the Southern sun.

I studied to become a high school teacher (Languages and Sports) in Kiel at the university. Later on I performed social and educational work at the Loxstedt Youth Center near Bremerhaven (northwestern Germany). My years of experience in private tutoring makes me an especially good fit to teach the Spanish and/or English language, be it at the beginner or advanced student level.

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